Mon November 05, 2012 By:

If there is no cutting or breaking of planaria by any means how will it regenrate

Expert Reply
Thu November 08, 2012

Planarians are capable of reproducing body parts if they have been damaged or removed, but this is not their main way of reproduction.

Planaria reproduces both sexually and asexually. Under the appropriate conditions of temperature and food, asexual individuals pinch in around mid-length of the worm's body. The pinching continues until the two halves are complete.  Each half will then form a whole worm.  This asexual reproduction occurs only above 10 degrees C.

Planarians are hermaphroditic in that organs for both sexes develop on each worm.  In sexual reproduction, each planarian gives and receives sperm to and from the other planarian. Eggs develop inside the body and are shed in capsules. Weeks later, the eggs hatch and grow into adults.

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