Mon April 25, 2011 By: Archit Srivastava

i have a doubt- during the flow of electric current in a circuit,the electrons flow in the opposite direction.but does an electron cover the whole path from negative terminal to positive terminal or an electron just passes its energy to the corresponding electron?pls help me in electricity.i hav many doubts and confusions.

Expert Reply
Fri April 29, 2011
The conventional direction of electric current is considered to be opposite to the direction of flow of electrons in the conductor (wire). Because of potential difference between the two terminals of a battery, the electrons are drifted or accelerated and they move from one terminal to the other. In this process, collisions take place between the electrons and also between the electrons and walls of the conductor; in such collisions energy is lost by a few electrons and gained by others. This is how electrons travel between the terminals of the battery, as long as the difference in potential is maintained.
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