Sat March 05, 2011 By: Shruti Gupta
your answer was=the area of cloth required=CSA of the cone
area of cloth=

I had asked u a ques. that how many metres of cloth,5m wide,will be required to make a conical tent,if the radius of the base and height are 3.5m and 12m respectively.

Expert Reply
Sat March 05, 2011
dear student,
by mistake the CSA was found using vol formula.
pl take the corrected soln method as follows.
area of the cloth reqd=CSA
lenght x bradth=
now breadth = 5 m given
radius=3.5, h=12 ..given
so slant height=l=
length x 5=
now find length of the cloth.
hope this helps you.
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