Fri September 04, 2009 By: Manik Goel

how has the forest department not donejustice/failed to promote sustainable use of resources ?

Expert Reply
Tue September 08, 2009

The forest department ignored the local knowledge and local needs in the management practices. In many places vast tracts of forests have been converted to monocultures of pine, teak or eucalyptus, since these form an important part of revenue for the forest department. But in doing so, a large amount of biodiversity in the area gets destroyed. The needs of local people cannot be met from such forests. Instead the forests are modified to suit the needs of industries. The industrial people are interested in only generating profits and not in the sustainability of the forests. 

The local people would be interested in ensuring the sustainable use of forest resources since they and their future generations are completely dependent on the forests for their survival. But the forest department has not included the local people in decision making in most places. The wild life and nature enthusiasts are also not given much importance by the forest department.

Forest resources are often made available for industrial use cheaply, while being denied to the local people.

These and many such practices have led to the failure in promoting sustainable management of resources in several places.

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