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how do the process of reproduction by the method of fragmentation and regeneration differ from each otheron the basis of GROWTH ??? pls answer

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Thu October 27, 2011
Regeneration is mainly associated with the animals whereas fragmentation is mainly associated with the plants.
In regeneration, either a part of the body that is broken off or cut or the entire body can be regenerated.
Example of regeneration of part of the body - Lizards cast off their tails to escape predators and then regenerate them.
Regeneration of complete body is seen in small invertebrates such as Planaria and Hydra.
Fragmentation is also a mode of asexual reproduction. In fragmentation, an organism is split into fragments and the splitting may or may not be intentional. Each of these fragments develop into mature, fully grown individuals that are a clone of the original organism. It is most commonly seen in some algae.
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