Tue March 24, 2015 By: Sayoni Maiti

How come my blood group is A+ where as my mother's is AB+ and my father's is B+??? Please explain with the help of a flow chart.

Expert Reply
Hemangi Binny
Tue March 24, 2015

Mother’s Blood Type


Father’s Blood Type


Child’s Blood type


Alleles for blood types are A, B or O.

A and B are dominant over O.

Mother (AB+)   X       Father (B+) (here alleles could be both B or B and O. We have considered here alleles as B and O)

IA      IB           X       I           IO

IAIB    IAIO            IBIB         IBIO

Hence, there are approximately 25% chances that the offspring will have the blood group A+.

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