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Ex 10.3 sum no.5 class xi maths. dear shanker sir, when i draw the same on a graph paper, i get the distance on the x axis as -1 and 7 since x coordinate is said to be 3 and y as 4. but when i work out according to the formaula it comes out tobe 8 and -2 why sir. could you show me a drawing on the graph showing the perpendicular from the x axis to the line.

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Thu June 09, 2011
The line x/3+y/4=1 intersects the X-axis at the point(3, 0) and the Y-axis at (0, 4)
Thus the points on X-axis at a distance of 4 units from the line are (8, 0) and (-2, 0).
Graphically you must get the same points.
Plot the points (3,0) and (0,4) and join them to get the line.
Now draw a line perpenicular to the given line to intersect the X-axis,
As you move the scale to the points (-2,0) and (8,0) you will get exactly 4 units from the line.
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