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distinguish between-

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Fri August 22, 2008

Bone is hard and rigid whereas cartilage is flexible.

Bone is porous whereas cartilage is non-porous.

The bone cells are called osteocytes whereas cartilage cells are called chondrocytes.

Matrix of bone is made up of protein and mineral salts whereas matrix of cartilage is made up of proteins.

Blood vessels are absent in cartilage, but present in bone.

Cartilage provides flexibility to body parts and smoothens surfaces at joints. Bone gives shape to the body, provides skeletal support and protects vital body organs.


Tendon and ligament:

Tendons connect muscles to bones whereas ligaments connect bones to bones.

Tendons are inelastic but ligaments are elastic.

Tendons are made up of white fibres. Ligaments are made up of white and yellow fibres.

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