Thu June 05, 2008 By: Ankt Madan

differentiate between blood and lymph on basis of colour,direction of flow,cellular comp.transport

Expert Reply
Fri June 06, 2008

1) Color-

Blood - red,   Lymph - Colorless.

2) Direction of flow

Lymph - Intercellular spaces --> Lymphatic capillaries --> Large lymph vessels --> larger veins

Blood - 2 directions i) Heart to lungs to heart (pulmonary circulation)

ii) Heart to rest of the body through blood vessels and back to heart.

3) Composition -

Blood - Plasma and RBCs, WBCs and platelets.

Lymph - Similar to plasma of blood, with less protein. RBCs absent, shows high amount of WBCs.

4) Transport:

Lymph - Carries digested and absorbed fat from intestine.

Blood - Transports respiratory gases, nutrients, waste materials, hormones, enzymes etc.


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