Sat February 11, 2012 By: Ajinkya Pande

Construct triangle XYZ such that YZ=6.2cm angleZ=65degrees & XY-XZ=2.4cm & draw incircle of it

Expert Reply
Fri February 17, 2012
Construction o the triangle:
1 Draw line YZ = 6.2 cm
2 Draw a line from Z making angleZ = 65degree , Let the line be PZ
2 Cut an arc of 2.4cm on line  PZ cutting PZ at Q
4 Join Q with Y
5 Draw perpendicular bisector of line QY that meets line PZ at X
6 Join XY
7 we have the required triangle
Constructing incircle:
1 Draw angle bisectors of any two angles of the traingle , let they meet at O
2 From O draw a perpendicular to any one side of the triangle meeting the side at A
3 Taking OA as the radius draw the circle with center O
4 Incircle formed.
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