Wed February 27, 2013 By: Rajarshi Basu

a) Ayush starts walking from his house to office.Instead of going to the office directly,he goes to a bank first, from there to his Daughter's school and then reaches the office.What is the extra distance travelled by Ayush on reaching his office? (Assume that all distances covered are straight lines) If the house is situated at (2,4), bank at (5,8), school at (13,14) and office at (13,26) and coordinates are in Km b)Ayush can use his car to travel from his house to office along the same route.He prefers to walk how his habit of walking is useful to him and society in general?

Expert Reply
Thu February 28, 2013
b. His habit of walking will keep him healthy. By not using his car he saves petrol/diesel. This helps in reducing environmentpollution, noise pollution, etc.
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