Tue February 05, 2013 By: Karthik

a)Addition of HBr to propane yields 2-bromopropane while in the presence of benzoyl peroxide,the product is different ie:1-bromo propane.EXPLAIN? b)write the product formed when propene undergoes ozonolysis.

Expert Reply
Wed February 06, 2013
Addition of HBr to PROPENE forms 2- Bromopropane but in the presence of benzoyl peroxide 1- Bromo propane is formed due to Per oxide effect / anti markonikov's effect / kharsh effect.
According to the peroxide effect, the negative part of the addinum (Br -)goes to that carbon atom which has higher number of hydrogen atoms bonded to it.
b) Ozonolysis of Propene yields a mixture of Methanal and Ethanal.
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