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Wastewater Story Worksheet

Objective Type Questions
  1. Match the following:

  2. Rearrange the letters to form meaningful words based on the clues provided.
    i. A substance which pollutes the environment - nctnmaoitan
    ii. Solids like faeces settle at the bottom of water treatment plant – dsglue.
    iii. The process of keeping places free from dirt, infection, disease, etc., by removing trash and garbage – itnsoanait.
  3. Fill in the blanks:
    i. _______ is a liquid waste which causes water and soil pollution.
    ii. By-products of wastewater treatment are _____ and _____.
    iii. Rich in lather, mixed with oil, black brown water that goes down the drains from sinks, showers, toilets, laundries is dirty is called ______.
  4. Complete the figure:

    Multiple Choice Questions

  5. A community leader in a small village wants to build a septic tank for a nearby residential complex. Where the septic tank should be connected to the existing sewer system

    (a) Point A
    (b) Point B
    (c) Point C
    (d) Point D

  6. Which of the following is not a factor that contributes to the increasing scarcity of fresh water?
    (a) Population growth
    (b) Industrial development
    (c) Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides
    (d) Mismanagement of water resources

  7. What is the point of origin of chemicals in sewage?
    (a) Households
    (b) Industries
    (c) Rivers and lakes
    (d) Wastewater treatment plants

  8. An art festival was organised in a remote village of India where electric and water supply is limited. What type of toilets are most suitable for holding such a festival such that they are cost effective and use less space?
    (a) Septic tanks
    (b) Chemical toilets
    (c) Composting toilets
    (d) Vacuum toilets

  9. Rajiv and his friends made a filtration system using layers of fine sand, coarse sand and gravel. They tested this system in the lab using 1 litre of wastewater sample.

    In order to upscale their design, they added a settling tank after the filter. What should they add before their filtration system?
    (a) A wire mesh
    (b) Disinfectants
    (c) An aeration tank
    (d) A mechanical skimmer
  10. A local textile industry is currently releasing their wastewater directly into the sewerage system of the nearby town, causing a burden on the wastewater treatment plant. Seema, who is a local official, needs to take action to effectively address this issue.

    Which of the following actions would be the most appropriate for Seema to take?
    (a) Instruct the industry to stop producing all industrial wastes
    (b) Request the factory to relocate to another municipality
    (c) Ask the factory to discharge their wastewater into the local lake
    (d) Advise the industry to pre-treat their wastewater before release


  11. What are the benefits of planting eucalyptus trees along the sewage ponds?
  12. What are some common sources of water contamination in rural areas of India and how can they be addressed?
  13. What are the consequences if a significant amount of waste generated in public places is not disposed off correctly?
  14. Draw a labelled sketch of a wastewater treatment plant.
  15. Describe the various steps involved in separating clear water from wastewater. Which fuel can be extracted during this process?

    Assertion-Reasoning Questions

    Select the correct answer to these questions from the codes (a), (b), (c) and (d) as given below:

  16. Assertion: Open defecation is one of the common sources of water contamination in rural areas of India.
    Reason: Human waste contains harmful bacteria and viruses that can contaminate water sources.
  17. Assertion: Chlorination is a method of disinfection of wastewater.
    Reason: Chlorine is added to the water to remove any bad smell.
  18. Assertion: In 2020, the Indian government launched a new initiative called "Swachh Bharat." The program includes various drives, such as providing clean drinking water and distributing sanitary pads to all.
    Reason:  The government wanted to accelerate efforts to achieve universal sanitation coverage and put a focus on sanitation.
  19. Assertion: Collective action can have a significant impact on improving sanitation practices.
    Reason: Individual initiative is not important for improving sanitation practices.

    Case-Based Questions

  20. Ravi is a part of the student organization located in a rural village in India. Recently, the village has seen a rise in waterborne illnesses like cholera and typhoid. To combat this issue, the group has taken the initiative to conduct a survey on water contamination. Their goal is to pinpoint the potential sources of contamination and implement good sanitation practices to prevent further outbreaks.
    i. What are some potential sources of water contamination that Ravi and his group should investigate in their survey?
    ii. What methods can Ravi and his group use to collect data on water contamination in their village?
        A.Take water samples from various sources such as wells, rivers, and lakes, and test them for contaminants.
        B. Conduct surveys among the villagers to gather information about their water usage and sanitation practices.
        C. Request villagers to stop drinking water from wells and rivers until the cause of spread was determined.

    Choose the correct statement among the following.
    (a) Only statement A is correct.
    (b) Only statement B is correct.
    (c) Both statement A and B are correct
    (d) Both statement A and C are correct

    iii.State any two good sanitation practices that Ravi and his group could implement to prevent further outbreaks of waterborne illnesses.
    iv.How can Ravi and his group educate the villagers about the importance of good sanitation practices and the prevention of contagious diseases?

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