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CBSE Class 12-science Biology Revision Notes for Biotechnology and its Applications

From learning about radioactive wastes and genetics to understanding food production and reproductive health, your Class 12 Science syllabus for Biology introduces you to a wealth of information. On TopperLearning, we have collated the most preferred learning resources for you to study and revise all the chapters in Biology with ease.

Take advantage of our NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Science Biology. Quickly revise questions and answers from your NCERT Biology Class 12 textbook. You may not have enough time to read every concept before the exam. That’s the reason, we have Most Important Questions (MIQs) compiled by experts to support you with last-minute revision.

If you would like to know how well you are prepared for the CBSE Class 12 Biology exam, evaluate your knowledge with our mock tests. To practise exam questions, you can go through our sample papers and previous year question papers. For additional help, utilise our ‘Ask The Expert’ feature to clear your doubts related to concepts from your CBSE Class 12 syllabus.

Biology is more theoretical than the other Science subjects in Class 12. Your Class 12 Biology marks are important for securing admission to pursue undergraduate courses in India’s most reputed colleges. Our NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Science Biology will help you manage a stress-free schedule as you master the theoretical concepts in Biology.

CBSE Class 12 Biology solutions for textbook questions, previous year papers, and sample papers can be useful in many ways. There are several objective-type questions and diagrams which can help you to score marks in your board exam. You can practise the solutions to correctly answer objective-type questions and also, you’ll know how to label diagrams accurately.

When you study the solutions to the different types of questions, you get clarity of the concepts. With conceptual clarity, you can write answers to theory questions in your own words. Don’t stress about your Class 12 Biology exam, just sincerely practise the Biology solutions as much as possible so that you are prepared to comfortably write your final exams.

Revision Notes

Biology Chapters for Revision Notes


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