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CBSE Class 12 commerce Business Studies

Business Studies is a new subject in CBSE Class 12 Commerce and learning about the concepts is important. Studying business not only involves studying individuals, communities, and organizations, it also involves assessing their needs and problems, as well as generating solutions. Business Studies is divided into two parts, Part 1 and Part 2. TopperLearning presents a comprehensive set of study materials like video lessons, textbook solutions, sample papers, past years' papers and more for this subject to help you score more marks in the examination.

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Why should I select TopperLearning for CBSE 12 Commerce Business Studies?

TopperLearning has 950+ video lessons, 200+ revision notes, 8500+ questions and 15+ sample papers for CBSE students. All these resources are curated by subject experts who are some of the best teachers in India. Our study materials are designed to give you clarity of the concepts that you study in class.

To help you to understand the concepts, our interactive videos focus on providing true-to-life examples. This will help you to clear all your concepts in detail. We also provide free CBSE Class 12 Commerce NCERT textbook solutions which will guide you to know the fundamentals. To revise the subject, you can refer to our sample papers. All the study materials provided to CBSE Class 12 students are created by our subject matter experts. We believe in making the study materials fun, so students can get a strong grip on their studies.

TopperLearning provides resources such as Text book solutions, previous years’ question papers (with solutions) and sample question papers (with solutions) for CBSE Class 12. For theoretical subjects, you can read model answers by experts for questions from NCERT books during revision. However, to avoid spelling mistakes or missing out on important details while writing answers, you should also write and practise these answers.


Where can I find the important questions for the CBSE Class 12 exam?

Our Most Important Questions or MIQs are a dedicated section which lists the important topics and questions for the exam.

Will this help me score more marks?

TopperLearning’s intense practice and revision-based study materials ensure that if students follow every instruction, they will clear their exams with flying colours.

What should I read during CBSE Class 12 exam revision?

You can read the chapter summaries or the revision notes for a quick brush up before your exams.

If I find a concept difficult to understand, whom should I ask?

If you struggle to understand a concept you can always use our UnDoubt (Ask the Expert) section to get them clarified.

Is TopperLearning equipped enough to help me?

TopperLearning has 950+ video lessons, 200+ revision notes, 8500+ questions and 15+ sample papers (including CBSE Class 12 sample papers 2019) for CBSE students. The study materials at TopperLearning are designed to give you clarity of the concepts that you study in class.