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CBSE Class 11-commerce Questions and Answers

CBSE 11-commerce - Statistics for Economics
a limited issued 40,000 equity shares of rs 10 each. the amount on these shares was payable as rs 2 on application, rs 3 on allotment and rs 5 on first and final call. all the amounts were duly received but raju, who holds 500 equity shares did not pay allotment and first and final call. amounts on these shares and shashi, who holds 300 equity shares did not pay first & final call amount, pass necessary journal entries in the books of a limited. solution
Asked by NANUPANDITBAGH | 29 Nov, 2022, 11:09: AM
CBSE 11-commerce - Accountancy Part I
How The following balances appear in the books of X Ltd. as on 1st April 2019: ₹ Machinery Account Provision for Depreciation Account 5,00,000 2,25,000 The machinery was depreciated at 10% p.a. on the WRITTEN DOWN VALUE Method-the accounting year being April-March. On 1st October 2019, a machinery which was purchased on 1st July 2016 for *1,00,000 was sold for ₹42,000 and on the same date a fresh machinery was purchased for ₹2,00,000. Prepare the Machinery Account and Provision for Depreciation Account for the year 2019-20.​
Asked by dishakhushalani7 | 04 Nov, 2022, 12:18: PM
CBSE 11-commerce - Statistics for Economics
explain me standard deviation
Asked by anjalimishra345 | 17 Sep, 2022, 10:04: AM
CBSE 11-commerce - Accountancy Part I
Sold goods for 1000 on credit to ranjit
Asked by bhargavgoyal123 | 10 Sep, 2022, 10:22: AM
CBSE 11-commerce - Accountancy
Bharat started his business on 1-1-2017 with cash 10,000 and loan from Lakhan 5,000. On 31-12-2017 his assets were 30,000. Find out his capital and profit on 31-12-2017.
Asked by juhichouhan9the19 | 27 Jul, 2022, 06:31: PM
CBSE 11-commerce - Accountancy
From the following Trading Accounts and profit and Trial Balance of M/s Mehta and Sons as on Account loss and Balance Sheet Particulars Rs. Particulars Cash in hand 50 Bark overdra Bank Balance 600 3,800 Creditors Capital Debtors Bad Debts 125 Provision for bad debts Stock (opening) 3,480 Sales Purchase 5.475 200 Purchase return Commission Sales return 640 Fumiture and fittings Motor vehicles 6.250 7,500 Building Advertisement 450 118 Interest on bank overdraft 1.250 Taxes and Insurance 782 General Expenses Salaries 3,300 268 12500 200 378 Adjustments: Stick on hand on 31-03-2018 Rs. 5,750 1. Depreciate building @ 5%, Fumiture and fitting @ 10% and Motor vehics@20% Rs. 85 is due for interest on bank overdraft iv. Salaries Rs. 300 and tax Rs. 120 are outstanding V One third of the commission received is in respect of the work to be done next yea vi. Further Bad Debts Rs. 100 and make provision for doubtful debts @10%
Asked by adityadutta755 | 27 Jun, 2022, 11:55: AM
CBSE 11-commerce - Accountancy
purchase business for 90,000 rupees
Asked by gappu9480 | 24 Jun, 2022, 10:19: AM
CBSE 11-commerce - Accountancy
goods worth 50 rupees were distributed as free samples?
Asked by gappu9480 | 24 Jun, 2022, 10:18: AM
CBSE 11-commerce - Accountancy
purchased calculator
Asked by amityadav7274 | 12 May, 2022, 11:01: AM
CBSE 11-commerce - Maths
answer for the attached file 
Asked by rahul03195 | 13 Mar, 2022, 10:27: AM