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CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Previous Year Question Paper 2017 All India Set-3

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Q 1. The probability of selecting a rotten apple randomly from a heap of 900 apples is 0.18. What is the number of rotten apples in the heap?

Q. 2 If a tower 30 m high, casts a shadow  begin mathsize 12px style 10 square root of 3 end style   m long on the ground, then what is the angle of elevation of the sun?

Q 3. If the angle between two tangents drawn from an external point P to a circle of radius a and centre O, is 60°, then find the length of OP.

Q 4. What is the common difference of an A.P. in which a21 – a7 = 84?

Q 5. A circle touches all the four sides of a quadrilateral ABCD. Prove that  AB + CD = BC + DA

Q 6. Prove that the tangents drawn at the end points of a chord of a circle make equal angles with the chord.

Q 7. A line intersects the y-axis and x-axis at the points P and Q respectively. If (2, -5) is the mid-point of PQ, then find the coordinates of P and Q.

Q 8. If the distances of P(x, y) from A (5, 1) and B (-1, 5) are equal, then prove that 3x = 2y.

Q 9. Find the value of p, for which one root of the quadratic equation px2 – 14x + 8 = 0 is 6 times the other.

Q 10. For what value of n, are the nth terms of two A.Ps 63, 65, 67… and 3, 10, 17… equal?

Q 11. On a straight line passing through the foot of a tower, two points C and D are at distances of 4 m and 16 m from the foot respectively. If the angles of elevation from C and D of the top of the tower are complementary, then find the height of the tower.

Q 12. A bag contains 15 white and some black balls. If the probability of drawing a black ball from the bag is thrice that of drawing a white ball, find the number of black balls in the bag.

Q 13 Three semicircles each of diameter 3 cm, a circle of diameter 4.5 cm and a semicircle of radius 4.5 cm are drawn in the given figure. Find the area of the shaded region.


Q 14. In what ratio does the point begin mathsize 12px style open parentheses 24 over 11 comma straight y close parentheses end style  divides the line segment joining the points P (2, -2) and Q (3, 7)? Also find the value of y. 

Q 15. Water in a canal, 5.4 m wide and 1.8 m deep, is flowing with a speed of 25 km/hour. How much area can it irrigate in 40 minutes, if 10 cm of standing water is required for irrigation?


Q 16. In the given figure, two concentric circles with centre O have radii 21 cm and 42 cm. If ∠AOB = 60°, find the area of the shaded region. begin mathsize 12px style open parentheses Use space straight pi  =  fraction numerator begin display style 22 end style over denominator begin display style 7 end style end fraction close parentheses end style


 Q 17. The dimensions of a solid iron cuboid are 4.4 m ⨯ 2.6 m ⨯ 1.0 m. It is melted and recast into a hollow cylindrical pipe of 30 cm inner radius and thickness 5 cm. Find the length of the pipe.


Q 18. A toy is in the form of a cone of radius 3.5 cm mounted on a hemisphere of same radius on its circular face. The total height of the toy is 15.5 cm. Find the total surface area of the toy.


Q 19. How many terms of an A.P. 9, 17, 25… must be taken to give a sum of 636?

Q 20.  If the roots of the equation (a2 + b2) x2 – 2(ac + bd) x + (c2 + d2) = 0 are equal, prove that begin mathsize 12px style straight a over straight b equals straight c over straight d end style.


Q 21. If the points A (k + 1, 2k), B (3k, 2k + 3) and C (5k – 1, 5k) are collinear, then find the value of k.


Q 22.  Construct a triangle ABC with side BC = 7 cm, ∠B = 45°, ∠A = 105°. Then construct another triangle whose sides are begin mathsize 12px style 3 over 4 end style times the corresponding sides of the ∆ ABC.


Q 23. Two different dice are thrown together. Find the probability that the numbers obtained have

(i) even sum, and

(ii) even product


Q 24. In the given figure, XY and X’Y’ are two parallel tangents to a circle with centre O and another tangents AB with point of contact C, is intersecting XY at A and X’Y’ at B. Prove that ∠AOB = 90°.


Q 25.  In a rain–water harvesting system, the rain-water from a roof of 22 m ⨯ 20 m drains into a cylindrical tank having diameter of base 2 m and height 3.5 m. If the tank is full, find the rainfall in cm. Write your views on water conservation.


Q 26. Prove that the lengths of two tangents drawn from an external point to a circle are equal.


Q 27. If the ratio of the sum of the first n terms of two A.Ps is (7n + 1): (4n + 27), then find the ratio of their 9th terms.


Q 28. Solve for x:

begin mathsize 12px style fraction numerator straight x minus 1 over denominator 2 straight x plus 1 end fraction plus fraction numerator 2 straight x plus 1 over denominator straight x minus 1 end fraction equals 2 comma space where space straight x space not equal to  -  1 half , 1 end style

Q 29. A takes 6 days less than B to do a work. If both A and B working together can do it in 4 days, how many days will B take to finish it?


Q 30. From the top of a tower, 100 m high, a man observe two cars on the opposite sides of the tower and in same straight line with its base, with its base, with angles of depression 30° and 45°. Find the distance between the cars. begin mathsize 12px style open square brackets Take space square root of 3 equals 1.732 close square brackets end style


Q 31. In the given figure, O is centre of the circle with AC = 24 cm, AB = 7 cm and ∠BOD = 90°. Find the area of the shaded region.

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