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Study Materials for CBSE Class 10 Physics

In CBSE Class 10, Physics is a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. Physics can be one of the toughest subjects to understand. In the CBSE Class 10 Physics syllabus, there are crucial topics such as electricity, magnetic effects of electric current, refraction of light, etc. Through the Physical Practical Class 10 CBSE sessions, you dive deeper into how things work. TopperLearning presents study materials for CBSE Class 10 Physics which will help you to effectively prepare for your final examination. Our Physics study materials are prepared by subject experts and include video lessons, revision notes, question banks, sample papers and past years' question papers.

Knowledge of physics gained through theories and Science practicals for Class 10 CBSE Physics can be a stepping stone towards great career profiles such as a physicist or an inventor. Even if you do not want to pursue a career related to Physics, the concepts learned through your CBSE Class 10 Physics chapters can make you a smarter person.

To help you with Physics learning, we have prepared the best CBSE Class 10 Physics notes with concept videos. You will enjoy learning complex concepts with ease using our video lessons created by our Physics experts. Additionally, practice the questions from our CBSE Class 10 Physics Question Bank and sample papers to face your Physics exam with full confidence.

All these help students to score well in the examination. Our study materials contain educational resources which will help you to gain a better understanding of Physics. The content is revised from time to time following the latest guidelines of the CBSE syllabus. Additionally, we have introduced an ‘Ask a Doubt’ facility, where all Physics doubts are instantly resolved by our subject matter experts. Students will also be able to understand all the difficult concepts by referring to our textbook solutions (such as NCERT and RD Sharma textbook solutions) which are free of cost. We are confident that students will find our learning materials helpful to achieve greater amount of success in the CBSE Class 10 examination.  



CBSE Class 10 Textbook Solutions, Videos, Sample Papers & More

On TopperLearning, we have a huge collection of CBSE Class 10 Physics (Science) Practice Papers to help you prepare for your board examination. The questions in Physics Sample Paper Class 10 CBSE come with answers so that you can learn how to tackle different kinds of questions. You will also learn how to do the correct labeling of important diagrams.

Physics Class 10 CBSE study materials on TopperLearning consist of the valuable CBSE NCERT solutions. The Class 10 Physics chapters covered in NCERT textbooks are an important study material that’s designed as per CBSE guidelines. That’s why, our NCERT textbook solutions are created by experts to help your solve Physics questions in a step-by-step manner.

Read from our CBSE Class 10 Physics Electricity notes or watch how electricity gets generated through our lively videos. With time, your tougher topics in Physics will keep getting easier as you complete chapter-wise lessons on TopperLearning. Next, assess your learning progress with online practice tests and continue your revision.

CBSE Class 10 Physics: MIQ’s, Weekly Test, Video Assessment & More

If you worry about the exam fever because you dread Physics then our revision notes, CBSE Class 10 Physics MIQs and tests will comfort you. You can prepare for weekly online practice tests and evaluate yourself. Don’t worry about the marks during your practice tests. Our online tests will give you personalised results and guide you with a study plan to revise topics where you scored less marks.

You can retake the online tests and continue improving your scores. The video assessments will further help you to clear concepts in Class 10 CBSE Physics through short videos.

Why choose TopperLearning’s CBSE Class 10 study materials?

On TopperLearning, your student dashboard gives you access to CBSE Class 10 Chapter-wise Physics lesson explanation as per the latest CBSE Grade 10 syllabus. We have more than 2000 questions (with answers) and several sample papers to help you prepare for Physics Class 10 Board exam.

You don’t need to compile notes from various sites online. With your TopperLearning account, you get complete access to NCERT Solutions, notes, tests, MIQs and more. In case, you have doubts related to the Physics CBSE Class 10 topics, you can ask an expert and our expert will clear your doubts within 24 hours.

We aim to develop your interest in learning Physics by making it enjoyable through videos and more. If you enjoy learning the subject, you can score better marks and get the opportunity to become a CBSE topper.


CBSE Class 10 Physics Frequently Asked Questions

All chapters of class 10 Physics CBSE, in the prescribed syllabus by the CBSE and based on the NCERT curriculum have their importance and weightage. TopperLearning have taken into consideration all minute details from the curriculum to ensure that the syllabus of class 10 Physics CBSE is aligned properly. Each chapter of class 10 Physics CBSE has various concepts that are aligned to the NCERT Learning outcomes and plays a specific role in improving outcomes. CBSE class 10 Physics chapter list will give you an idea of the entire course curriculum coverage.

To start with Class 10 Physics CBSE, one should clearly understand the syllabus and course structure first. Teachers will help giving an introduction and of the syllabus and ways it will help them to improve their learning levels. Once a learner slowly understands the concepts, it is recommended to initiate practice a habit. ToppeLearning can aid students to practice with tests and do a quick revision of the concepts learnt in the class with important resources like Video lessons, notes and sample papers. Practicing and revising all these resources from initial will help them understand the concepts with clarity. Nowadays, the questions are asked keeping in mind the problem solving and applications of concepts into consideration. Always try to clear the concepts of Class 10 Physics CBSE that you do not understand. Avoid skipping topics or concepts. Revise crucial topics watching concept and problem solving videos at TopperLearning after your school or online classes or as required.

To score good marks in Physics Class 10 CBSE, one needs to understand the concepts really well. If a learner is well aware of the core concepts then it becomes very easy to attempt problems asked on those concepts. This also motivates learners to gain knowledge and excel in studies. Once a learner has understood the concepts in Physics Class 10 CBSE then practice should become a daily ritual as it is the key to let know about strengths and weaknesses. For subjects like Maths, practice is the key. For Science, knowing how to apply a learnt concept into daily life and problem solving is crucial. Once a learner is able to know what is happening around, can relate to the theories learnt in the books. Writing answers is also a good habit as it strengthens your communication skills and keeps a check on areas to improve which will enable scoring good marks in exams. Keep revising crucial topics watching concept and problem solving videos at TopperLearning after your school or online classes or as required.

Some students consider Class 10 Physics chapters as interesting than maths chapters. Actually, the interests vary from student to student as some like History chapters than Class 10 Physics. It is very evident that most students who like Maths, chapters related to Algebra, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Trigonometry, etc. interested the most. Students who have planned for various scholarships, Olympiads or competitive exams mostly find chapters related to metals and non-metals, acids and bases, light, energy, work, power, etc. In Social Physics, students mostly find interests in stone and Iron Age history, about the medieval age, world history and India’s struggle for independence, etc. At TopperLearning you will get access to the bank of resources in the form of videos, notes, a huge question bank, Class 10 Physics NCERT solutions etc., which will help you gain knowledge on the chapters that interest you the most. Just make sure to go through the TopperLearning Plans for your board-grade combination.

The step-by-step NCERT solutions for textbook questions will allow you to practise accurate answers for important questions. This exercise improves your Physics skills and enables you to write your final exam confidently.

TopperLearning’s NCERT solutions with concept details will give you clarity on why a Physics question was solved in a specific manner.

Other than NCERT solutions, you can prepare for your CBSE Class 10 Science exams through the concept videos, online practice tests and other learning resources at TopperLearning.

We offer chapter-wise solutions for topics in your CBSE Class 10 Science syllabus such as Electricity, Magnetism, Light, Energy, Human Eye etc.

With our NCERT textbook solutions for CBSE Class 10 Physics, you will develop an interest in learning Physics instead of mugging up answers. Our Physics experts provide concept insights along with the NCERT textbook solutions. With the help of concept insights, you will clearly understand how an expert solved the complex questions in Physics.

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