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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) - Practice Tests for CBSE & ICSE (Class 9-10) Term 2

CBSE and ICSE/ISC schools are functioning in a virtual mode and this has brought a need to conduct board exams in an alternative way rather than cancelling them. Board’s continued focus on assessing stipulated learning outcomes by making the examinations competencies and core concepts based, student-centric, transparent, technology-driven, and having advanced provision of alternatives for different future scenarios. As per CBSE latest news on the change in examination pattern, CBSE Board Exams will be conducted term-wise where term 2 will be based on MCQ type tests. Moreover, ICSE has also announced a similar type of approach for its ICSE class 10 exams.

Practice Tests for CBSE and ICSE

TopperLearning Practice Tests provides you with an option to select multiple chapters as per the term-2 syllabus as will be asked in actual exams. TopperLearning Practice Tests offers you the convenience to choose only those chapters for which the user wants to give the test. These Practice Tests also gives an opportunity to select as many questions as required for taking a test TopperLearning MCQ test allows the user to deep dive and attempts MCQ tests even at the topic level for a particular chapter. MCQ tests are best to check understanding for every concept in a particular chapter. MCQ tests provide ample practice for every chapter and topic.

Multiple choice questions for CBSE and ICSE

TopperLearning provides its users with an opportunity to attempt and practice solving multiple-choice questions. They can now check their preparedness either by giving the MCQ test at the chapter-topic level or by selecting multiple chapters from the term 2 or semester 1 syllabus.

A typical MCQ test will have a question statement and four relevant options. The user has to understand the question asked and tick mark one correct answer from the four options given to him. Each MCQ has only one correct answer. There are no multiple correct answers for a particular question. For CBSE 10 and CBSE 12, MCQs will also include case-based questions and Assertion – reasoning type questions.

TopperLearning Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Provides exposure to solving MCQ type of questions in an online mode as will be asked in the actual exam. MCQ helps prepare for the target exams with exposure to a variety of question types that could be asked in the actual exams. TopperLearning MCQs gives instant results/ along with correct explanations for every question and provides reports with insights on weak/strong areas. TopperLearning MCQ tests enable users to significantly improve their scores and give the opportunity to take ample tests for practice.

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