Write te role of humans in polluting enviroment as well as in controlling pollution?

Asked by mababu65 | 14th Oct, 2010, 01:07: PM

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Dear student,
Humans are mainly responsible for causing the acceleration of air, land and water pollution. We are also causing noise and thermal pollution.  Air pollution occurs mainly through exhaust released by vehicles and industries. Releasing of industrial, agricultural and sewage wastes into water and land leads to their pollution.
In many countries, the governments and social organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the ill effects of pollution to humans and to the environment at large. This has led to several rules and regulations being enforced, therby helping in control of pollution to a great extent. For example - compulsory introduction of CNG vehicles in several cities, meeting of the Euro III emission specifications by all automobiles etc are some steps taken to curb air pollution. In addition, people everywhere are working on revised technology to diminish industrial and automotive emissions, to produce degradable wastes, and to dispose of all wastes in ways less damaging to the environment-for example, by returning sewage to the farm as fertilizer and by recycling glass and metal materials. All this has helped in controlling pollution to some extent, but a lot more needs to be done.

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