Why do we find the difference in  pressure at the first floor and 3rd floor of a building  to find the height of the 3 floor using the formula : 

P= height x Density x Acceleration due to gravity

Asked by veenamohan3093 | 23rd Sep, 2018, 11:09: AM

Expert Answer:

It is given that the Pressure P is expressed as per the below stated formula,
Pressure (P)= height (h) x Density (p) x Acceleration due to gravity (g)
The above formula has 4 variables, out of which any 1 can be found with the help of calculation provided that the other 3 variables are known in the numerical question.
In any numerical problem, if the quantities like pressure, density and acceleration are given, we can easily find the height.
Also, the same formula can be used to calculate the difference in the pressure at different heights.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 24th Sep, 2018, 06:21: PM