what were the social causes of the Russian revolution

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Expert Answer:

Social causes of the Russian revolution were:
  • The Russian Society was divided into two classes before the Revolution. They were the rich and the poor. The nobles, feudal lords and the rich belonged to the rich class. The peasants, labourers and serfs belonged to the poor class. The vast majority of Russia’s people were agriculturists. About 85 per cent of the Russian empire’s population earned their living from agriculture. However, most of the peasants only cultivated the land. The land mainly belonged to the Cjhurch and the nobility. In Russia, peasants wanted the lands of the nobl;es to be given to them. They freequently refused to pay land rent.
  • Spread of socialist ideas in Russia that lands should belong to farmers and industries should belong to workers also led to the Russian Revolution.
  • The Czarist autocracy flamed the fire of unrest among the labourers, peasants, intellectuals and students of Russia. In course of time, public unrest increased in Russia. Thus, hatred towards the Czardom began.

Answered by Shubhali Kulshrestha | 6th Sep, 2017, 07:44: AM

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