What was hitler's policy towards the youth

Asked by sarubhatia6 | 16th Jul, 2014, 11:10: PM

Expert Answer:

The following are the Hitler’s policy towards youth:

a) He believed that to establish a strong Nazi society, children had to be taught Nazi ideology which required control inside and outside of school.

b) The schools were cleansed and purified. The politically unreliable teachers, Jews and the undesirable children were thrown out of schools.

c) ‘Good German’ children were provided with school textbooks that were rewritten. They were subjected to a process of Nazi schooling, a prolonged period of ideological training.

d) Children were taught to be loyal towards Hitler and worship him and hate the Jews.

e) To nurture a spirit of violence and aggression among children, he introduced the function of sports.

f) Ten year old children were sent to Jungvolk and Fourteen year olds were told to join the Nazi youth organisation. Here they were taught to worship war, glorify aggression and violence, condemn democracy, and hate Jews, communists, Gypsies and all those categorised as ‘undesirable’.

g) At 18, they had to join the Labour Service where they had to serve in the armed forces and enter one of the Nazi organisations.

Thus, Hitler was proved to be fanatically interested in the youth of the country.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 17th Jul, 2014, 01:11: PM

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