what is the nth term 
an stands for what?
and what is N?

Asked by arunsimla | 19th Oct, 2014, 05:19: PM

Expert Answer:

The nth term is the general term of a series. an stands for nth term of the series. 'N' stands for the no. of terms.
For eg: Suppose for a series:1,4,7,10,........
Here (first term)a=1,(common difference)d=3
The general term / nth term of this series is
tn =a+(n-1)d
This term tn denotes the general term of the series. If you put n=3, in this term you get t3 = 3×3-2=7, which is the third term in the series.
The same principle applies to any series.
Hope your doubt is cleared.

Answered by Prasenjit Paul | 19th Oct, 2014, 09:25: PM