what is motion ? please explain in deeply because can"t understand properly in video..

Asked by jannatsavaliya8053.7sdatl | 16th May, 2020, 10:59: AM

Expert Answer:

Motion can be defined as the change in position of object with respect to time. There are few basic parameters on the basis of which we can define motion. These are distance, displacement,speed, velocity and acceleration.Let,s say a car takes 1hour to move  from point A to point B which is 5km from each other in a straight line, now analyse the motion of a car with respect to our parameters ,first one is Distance between A and B which is 5km . The displacement is the distance along with direction so here the displacement is 5km(in the direction of B).Speed of the car is total distance over total time so speed is 5/1=5km/h. Velocity is displacement/time therefore the velocity of car is 5/1 km/hr(in the direction of B). Acceleration tells us how fast the car is changing its speed.

Answered by Utkarsh Lokhande | 16th May, 2020, 11:52: AM

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