Uranium nucleus undergoes several  disintegrations  and ultimately decays to lead nucleus .  How many alpha and beta particles are emitted?

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Expert Answer:

When decays to , the mass number decreases from 238 to 206 i.e., it decreases by 32.  Since with the emission of one alpha particle, mass number decreases by 4, so total number of alpha particles emitted will be 32/4 = 8.

In the decay of to the atomic number has decreased by 10.  But due to emission of 8 alpha-particles, the atomic number would have decreased by 2 x 8 = 16.  Thus there is an increase in atomic number by 6, hence 6 beta particles will be emitted (because in emission of one beta particle, atomic number increases by 1.)

Thus undergoes several disintegrations and ultimately decays to with the emission of 8 -particles and 6 -particles.




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