Two trains 320m and 430m are moving in the opposite directions at a speed of 50km/hr  and 40km/hr how long will it take the trains to pass each other

Asked by anuradhajapala56570 | 18th Sep, 2018, 11:22: PM

Expert Answer:


lengths of two trains = 320m and 430m.
and their respective speed = 50km/hr and 40km/hr

Trains are moving in opposite direction. so to crossing each other total distance = 320 + 430 = 750m

and total speed = 50km/hr + 40km/hr = 90km/hr
 begin mathsize 16px style fraction numerator 90 space cross times space 1000 over denominator 3600 end fraction space straight m divided by sec space equals 25 space straight m divided by sec
We space know space that comma
Time space equals space fraction numerator Distance space over denominator Speed end fraction space
Therefore space Time space to space cross space each space other space equals space 750 over 25 space equals space 30 space seconds end style

Answered by Yasmeen Khan | 19th Sep, 2018, 11:43: AM

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