to find out the percolation rate the given soil sample

Asked by Alpa | 2nd Dec, 2014, 03:35: PM

Expert Answer:

To find out the percolation of rate of the given soil sample, following procedure can be performed:

  • Take tin can and cut off its bottom or a PVC pipe (of diameter 5 cm) can also be used.
  • Place the pipe about 2cm deep in the ground where you want to check the percolation rate.
  • Then pour 200ml of water in the soil slowly.
  • Note the time when you start pouring the water.
  • Note the time again, when the entire water has percolated.
  • Following formula can be used to find out the rate of percolation:
          begin mathsize 9px style Percolation space rate space equals space fraction numerator Total space amount space of space water space poured space left parenthesis ml right parenthesis over denominator Percolation space time space left parenthesis min right parenthesis end fraction end style
  • For example, If it took 22 minutes for 200 ml water to percolate, then,
          begin mathsize 9px style Percolation space Rate space equals space 200 over 22 Percolation space Rate space equals space 9.09 space ml divided by min end style

Answered by Hemangi Binny | 2nd Dec, 2014, 04:54: PM