The perimeter of an iscosceles trapezium is 134 cm and the bases are 54cm and30 cm in length. Find the area of trapezium 

Asked by Aditigarg484 | 10th Feb, 2019, 08:30: AM

Expert Answer:

Figure shows the isoceless trapezium as per the given dimensions.
sides AD and BC is calculated as : (134-30-54)/2 = 25 cm.
distance between the parallel sides is calculated using right triangle ADE : h = begin mathsize 12px style square root of 25 squared space minus space 12 squared end root space almost equal to space 22 space c m end style
Area = (1/2)×(54+30)×22 = 924

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 10th Feb, 2019, 11:29: AM

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