the last leaf is a story of hope fighting all the odds. discuss it is a 16 marks question. what to write in this

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Tipe to answer a 16 mark answer:
Write down all the things that you learnt from the lesson.
Don't be too creative and add irrelevant things.
Underline important words.
Make use of meanningful words and quote the major points in the prose/poetry.
Do not write down the entire story in short.Introduce all chracters.

For 'The Last Leaf'. you can put in the following:
'The cynosures of the story are dedication, hope, compassion, friendship, sacrifice, and commitment. 
The leisurely written story depicts the treasury of life and the inevitability of faith to tackle the hindrances we battle through our life.
As the story progresses, it has tried to empower a person to fight against death.
Throughout the story, the writer has used the epithet, simile, zeugma, comparison, irony and several other lexical devices to empower love, passion, and hope.
Though the story is effortlessly written, it has a setchy background and whimsical setting called 'places'. 
The main theme is then introduced it has two characters – Sue and Johnsy.The basis of Sue and Johnsy’s friendship is a shared interest in art: from the beginning, their relationship is inseparable from their creative interests.
The melodramatic and picturesque setting of the story connects to the negative status of Johnsy facing life and death subject matter.
That Henry characterizes pneumonia as a strange male visitor to the neighborhood perhaps helps to further establish men as an antagonistic presence in the lives of these two unusual women.
Throughout the story there is a sense that all three painters mentioned Sue, Johnsy and Behrman are committed to something. 
There is the obvious friendship between Sue and Johnsy with Sue remaining focused on helping Johnsy get better.
Also Behrman, though when first introduced to the reader comes across as being a cantankerous old man, he is in reality fond of both Sue and Johnsy. This fondness is probably based on Behrman’s understanding of how difficult life is for an artist.  It is only at the end of the story that the reader realises just how committed or fond of Johnsy (and Sue) Behrman actually is when he sacrifices his own life in order to save Johnsy’s. 

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