The amount of light incident on the plants may vary, so the amount of energy available to the herbivores will also vary. same will be the case with the carnivores. so to get more energy, a single carnivore will eat more herbivores and so on. Now, say the energy available to a man is half the usual amount of energy. then, vegetarianism will only increase the population 5 times more than the usual population. Then is it always correct to say that vegetarianism will increase the population 10x times, for the energy available to d 3rd trophic level can be varied???

Asked by Aradhana Goswami | 11th Jan, 2014, 03:43: PM

Expert Answer:

It is true that the rate of photosynthesis varies with the intensity of light. But it is also true that each organism has Nutrients stored which are broken down to obtain energy (Starch in plants and Glycogen in animals). Transfer of energy from one trophic level to next trophic level is never 100%. About increase in population, there are several other factors relation to variation and heredity also play role.

Answered by Hemangi Binny | 14th Jan, 2014, 07:55: AM

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