Thank you madam .. but science is advance much to change its(silicon and berylium) property and name the change in their property that are hurdles to make hardest substance in the world that is not made up of carbon . and plz read the question and try to understand it what i m asking .

Asked by sucharitasahoo1 | 2nd Oct, 2017, 11:07: AM

Expert Answer:

The typical hexagonal structural arrangement of carbon atoms in diamond makes it so hard which is dependent of the physical and chemical properties of carbon such as atomic size, total number of electrons, valence electrons, etc. That is the reason why silicon cannot form diamond like structure despite having 4 valence electrons similar to carbon. Hence, just having 4 elecrtons, is not the one and only factor to make hardest structure. There are multiple factors.

In future scientist may get success to form hard substances from the mentioned materials.

Till date, below given are two manmade substances which have been claimed to be harder than diamond.

The first is wurtzite boron nitride has a similar structure to diamond, but is made up of different atoms. The second is the mineral lonsdaleite, or hexagonal diamond is made from carbon atoms just like diamond, but they are arranged in a different shape.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 3rd Oct, 2017, 12:41: PM

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