Students in a school are often classified into primary and secondary or junior and senior. What are the criterion that is used. Do u think this is a useful classification? Discuss

Asked by asmeetnoor1226 | 12th Feb, 2020, 06:52: PM

Expert Answer:

The criteria that is used in a school to classify the students into primary, secondary or junior, senior is based on the level of their education. Yes, this is a useful classification.
This is because junior and senior students not only differ in age but their learning capacity is also different.
In primary classes, attention is paid towards developing learning skills and base knowledge of the students. Once the base is strong at the primary level, in the secondary level the difficulty level of the subject increases and students are introduced to new subjects. When they come to the senior level, along with the subjects, skill development is also focused upon. Thus to develop the child in a phased manner, schools are classified into different levels.

Answered by Christina | 13th Feb, 2020, 10:40: AM