presence of vacant 'd'orbitals

Asked by  | 23rd Mar, 2008, 09:23: AM

Expert Answer:

Actually orbitals are the areas arround the nucleus where the electrons are seen 90% of the time.

In case of Hydrogen spectrum its the single electron moving depending on excitation and explanation for the numerous lines we get. Since here its only 1 it can move freely.

I n other p block elements its multi electron atoms and as the # of protons increases # of elctrons also increases. This happens in a particular patern following Azimuthal,  Lande,Aufbau, Hunds rules. Here the situation is different the inner orbital electrons do not jump to outter and vice verse.

you can find 1s but not 1p, find 2p but not 2d......

Answered by  | 7th May, 2008, 05:30: PM

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