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Asked by madhavam | 12th Oct, 2009, 10:34: AM

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Internal fertilization occurs in human reproduction. The sperms are released into the female vagina. The sperms then travels through the vagina and cervix into the uterus or fallopian tubes for fertilization of the ovum. Upon successful fertilization zygote is formed which then gets implanted in the uterus. The gestation of the fetus then occurs within the female's uterus, called pregnancy. Pregnancy is the period of time during which the fetus develops, dividing via mitosis inside the female. During this time, the fetus receives all of its nutrition and oxygenated blood from the female, through the placenta, which is attached to the fetus' abdomen via an umbilical cord. Once the fetus is sufficiently developed, chemical signals start the process of birth, which begins with the fetus squeezing through the vagina, and eventually out of the female. The newborn should typically begin respiration on its own shortly after birth.

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