Please solve this below question

Asked by manjularaj4623 | 23rd Feb, 2020, 12:28: PM

Expert Answer:

1. Water during brushing teeth: Open the tap only while rinsing your mouth. DO not leave the tap open while brushing your teeth. You can use a tumbler of water to rinse your mouth.

2. Emply glass bottle: You can use this glass bottle to make some decorative items or a vase. You can give it in scrap for recycling.

3. Plastic bag given by shopkeeper: You can return the bag to the shopkeeper. You can even use this bagh to make some decorative item or give it for recycling.

4. Broken plastic bucket: You can give it in scrap for recycling.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 24th Feb, 2020, 11:45: AM

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