please make a formal speech on ' what can procastinates do to change their lives?'(it should be around 600-800 words)

Asked by Apoorva | 3rd Aug, 2015, 05:44: PM

Expert Answer:

Here is an outline that you can use to create your own speech.


How to Save Oneself from Procrastination


Dear Principal, respected teachers and my dear friends,

I am here to talk about how procrastination can affect our productivity and make us lazy. It is a habit that can become ingrained deep in our personality if it is not nipped in the bud…


Students have a lot to do — strike a fine balance between studies and recreation— they can’t waste time —Procrastinators try to delay the work for a later day—they do it because they are lazy—also because they believe they can finish the work even at the last moment—Procrastinators try to create reasons to delay the work with skewed logic—so the first thing to do :

Recognise whether one is making excuses to avoid work or is there a genuine problem.

—Remind oneself about the repercussions of delaying the work — starting early will result in thorough work— Gives time to recheck and improve —break the task down— it can be accomplished little by little over time — resist the temptation to do something else — remind yourself to focus — remind yourself about the consequences of avoiding the work — reward yourself for completing the work on time.


Thank you for your time and patience. Let us all take a pledge to be for sincere towards our work and our studies. 

Answered by Sandhya Raghavan | 4th Aug, 2015, 02:10: PM

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