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Asked by nidhisrivastava733 | 13th Jun, 2020, 02:15: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear student your question is not at all visible as its is the burry image. 
I assume that you are asking for the NCERT fill in the blanks of chapter Force and Pressure. 
Fill in the blanks in the following statements.
(a) To draw water from a well we have to __________ at the rope.
(b) A charged body __________ an uncharged body towards it.
(c) To move a loaded trolley we have to __________ it.
(d) The north pole of a magnet __________the north pole of another magnet.
Solutions: - 

(a) pull

(b) attracts

(c) push or pull

(d) repels 

If you want the answer for any other questions then please send clear image so that we can help you in better way. Also remember, that if you want asnwer for multiple questions you have to post each question separately in different post as only one question can be answered in each post. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 13th Jun, 2020, 04:15: PM