Please  have  a  detailed  difference  between the  ZIFT and  GIFT technique  with  rhe  help  of  DIAGRAMMATIC  representation

Asked by pardeepkumar2281 | 18th May, 2018, 09:45: PM

Expert Answer:

In GIFT, both sperm and unfertilised oocytes are transferred into fallopian tubes, after which fertilisation takes place in vivo (inside the body of the female). The success rate of this technique is 27–30%.Because the eggs and sperm are placed into the fallopian tubes before conception, there's no way to know if fertilization has taken place prior to transfer.

In ZIFT, The zygote or the early embryo, up to 8 blastomeres, is transferred into the fallopian tube. With ZIFT the sperm and egg are mixed together in the laboratory, and given time to fertilize before being transferred to the fallopian tubes thus lowering the number of eggs used and correspondingly the chances for multiple pregnancy.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 20th May, 2018, 10:16: AM