pankha invested 75000 for three years on the condition that she will get the rate of interest for 2 years at 12% and the third year as 15% what will be the compound interest when compounded annually

Asked by vartikaagarwal61.9soc | 9th Jun, 2021, 08:45: PM

Expert Answer:

Amount A after 2 years , begin mathsize 14px style A space equals space P space open parentheses 1 plus r over 100 close parentheses to the power of n space equals space 75000 space cross times open parentheses 112 over 100 close parentheses squared space equals space R s. space 94 comma 080 end style
where P = Rs.75000 is principle amount , r  = 12% is rate of interest per annum  and n =2 is number of years 
Amount after 3rd year , begin mathsize 14px style 94080 space cross times open parentheses 1 plus 15 over 100 close parentheses space equals space 94080 space cross times space 1.15 space equals space R s. space 1 comma 08 comma 192 end style

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 20th Sep, 2021, 12:00: PM