Neelam went to buy a crockery set. The price of the set is Rs. 650 and a sales tax of 10% is charged. But she has only Rs. 660 in her purse. What amount of rebate should the shopkeeper give to her so that she can purchase the crockery set?

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Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 12px style Let space the space reduced space price space of space the space crockery space set space be space Rs. space straight P.
Then comma space sales space tax equals 10 over 100 cross times straight P equals straight P over 10
Now comma space selling space price space should space be space Rs. space 660 space
straight P plus straight P over 10 equals 660
therefore space straight P open parentheses 1 plus 1 over 10 close parentheses equals 660
therefore space straight P cross times 11 over 10 equals 660
therefore space straight P equals fraction numerator 660 cross times 10 over denominator 11 end fraction equals Rs. space 600
Hence comma space amount space of space rebate equals Rs. space left parenthesis 650 minus 600 right parenthesis equals Rs. space 50
Thus comma space the space shopkeeper space should space give space the space rebate space of space Rs. space 50 space to space Neelam. end style

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