making old people happy my teacher has announced that my class wii visit to "old age home"the flowing saturday .Write a plan sstarting what will you do to make it a happy and memorable day for the inmotes of the home.

Asked by satish01 | 26th Jun, 2016, 08:49: PM

Expert Answer:

Old people do not seek material happiness; they crave for human company and a listening ear.
1. Giving them one’s time and attention is the best gift for them. Someone to spend time with them and listen to them speak is what they need the most.
2. Laughter is the next best medicine. Spreading laughter through jokes and funny narrations is next.
3. Entertaining them by singing songs or enacting scenes from old films is also one way of reviving their memories and giving them happiness.
4. Finally, old people need to be treated with respect. They need to be shown that their opinions matter.

Answered by Valentina Trindade | 27th Jun, 2016, 10:23: AM