letter written by grandmother to mother saying how she manages to keep the children interested when telling them stories.
please urgently mail the letter.

Asked by Santosh | 27th Apr, 2016, 08:27: PM

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7th July 2015


Dear Surekha,

I am glad to hear that your children are doing well. Since it is their vacation, I understand the stress you are going through. Bringing up children is a very demanding; even more so when the children are as active and mischievous as yours. It isn’t much of a surprise as you too were a very energetic child.

Do you remember you and your brothers’ craze for bedtime stories? It was a real task coming up with new stories every day. But when I look back now, I realise that your excitement was not so much for a new story as it was for the opportunity to escape into a world of fantasy. As you know children have a very strong power of imagination. They only need a little push to let their imaginations grow and colour their lives. This push is what they look for in their bedtime stories. You and your brothers, for instance, loved the ambiance created by that dim light bulb. You particularly enjoyed the hand gestures and the shadow figures I created to accompany my stories. Children enjoy such things. It draws their attention and keeps their focus engaged.

I am sure your children too will enjoy it. There is a different joy in watching the excitement on children’s faces. Have a good time enjoying their childhood as much as they do. Extend my love and good wishes to them as well.


Your loving mother.

Answered by Valentina Trindade | 29th Apr, 2016, 12:10: PM

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