label the diagram

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Expert Answer:

The figure provided by you is not clear. Please refer to the below figure and the answers to your questions.


1:  Sweat pore

2: Sebaceous gland

3: Sweat gland

4: Fat

5: Dermis

6: Stratum malpighian

7: Stratum corneum

8: Epidermis

9: Hair


Function of part 2 (Sebaceous gland): It produces oil called sebum, which plays a role in keeping our skin moist. 

Function of part 4 (Fat): The skin reserves food in the form of a layer of fat.

Function of part 3 (Sweat gland): It secretes a transparent liquid (sweat) containing water and salts from the body in order to regulate body temperature.

Function of part 9 (Hair): Hair provide a sensation of touch and are also helpful in forensic investigations.

Part which has at least three functions:

Sebaceous gland:

(i) Skin protection

(ii) Secretes an oily substance known as sebum that lubricates hair and skin of mammals 

(iii) Presence of sebum enables to experience a wet skin even when we have not taken bath for days

(c) The one function which may be common to both men and women is that the fat serves as a food reserve and heat insulating layer as well as a shock absorber.

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