In what way were the children of Germany trained in schools? What changes were brought in schooling to motivate Nazism?

Asked by vatsalchoudhary41 | 3rd Sep, 2014, 07:19: PM

Expert Answer:

Following Hitler's ideological propaganda, children and youth were sought to be controlled both inside and outside the school system. In the beginning, the German State 'cleansed' and 'purified' children by dismissing Jew teachers or those teachers who were seen as 'politically unreliable'. Children were segregated, the 'Aryan' German kids and Jew children could not sit together or play together. Then, the 'undersirable' children - Jews, Gypsies, physically handicapped - were thrown out of schoolds and later in thr 1940s mass murdered in gas chambers.
Those children who were considered 'Good German' were suubjected to a prolonged period of 'Nazi schooling', i.e., an intensive and extensive process of ideological/philosphical indoctrination. School textbooks were rewritten, racial sceince introduced in such a manner that it will justify Nazi ideas about race and racial superiority of the so called 'Aryan race'. Stereotypes about Jews were popularised even through maths classes. Children were taught to be loyal and submissive to authority, hate Jews and worship Hitler like a messiah. Even sports were used as an instrument to inculcate a spirit of violence and aggression among children. Hitler preferred sports like boxing to make children strong and 'masculine'.

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 4th Sep, 2014, 12:55: PM

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