I'm taking business environment for business studies 2nd project .
What should I do in that project like in that topic I want to do for women empowerment . Then what should I really do. and please don't write the same as guidelines given in my book like you reply me for business environment for coco cola and fanta and many more before .
In this topic (women empowernment of business environment topic) what should I really do.

Asked by Shruti | 4th Oct, 2017, 12:40: PM

Expert Answer:

Under the topic Elements of Business Environment, you have chosen the Women empowerment element. You can start your project by explaining about:
  • Business Environment
  • Elements of business environment
  • Women empowerment- meaning
  • Role of women in business
  • Family structure
  • List of successful women entrepreneurs in India 
  • Role of women in business- Changes and its effects
You can find the explanation of the above points on the internet. It would be better if you can explain me the areas where you are facing the problem as topics to be included in the project  have already been provided in the project guidelines.

Answered by Vanita Rana | 5th Oct, 2017, 06:08: PM