If we prove that √4 is irrational in the way we prove √2 as irrational, then rlthe result is that √4 is irrational. How?

Asked by Vishalgarg12345678 | 4th Apr, 2019, 09:21: PM

Expert Answer:

square root of 4 space can space be space expressed space as space straight p over straight q equals 2 over 1.... so space it space is space rational.
As space you space know comma space to space prove space irrational comma space we space have space to space start space with space assumption.
We space can apostrophe straight t space make space this space assumption space here space since space it space is space known space and space proved space that space square root of 4 space is space rational

Answered by Arun | 5th Apr, 2019, 09:09: AM