I want to ask whether there is a kind of barrier in the way of sperms that stop their release or not, if not then tell why not sperms are secreted at each & every instant of time?

Asked by  | 19th Nov, 2012, 07:50: PM

Expert Answer:

Sperms are produced continuously in the seminiferous tubes of testes, then passed to the epididymis and stored in the vas deferens. Here liquid is added to the sperm to make a milky fluid called semen.
During sexual intercourse, semen collects in the ejaculatory ducts, which are located where the ends of the vas deferentia join the seminal vesicles within the prostate gland. Semen is expelled out due to the rhythmic contractions of the smooth muscles within the urethra, penis and the prostate gland. When these contractions stop, the release of semen also stops.

Answered by  | 22nd Nov, 2012, 11:05: AM

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