give balanced molecular eqution for : 1) .one reactant gives 2 product 2). one reactant gives 3 products 3). two reactant gives 2 product 4.) two reactant gives 4 products

Asked by garimaydv2005 | 15th Sep, 2020, 04:10: PM

Expert Answer:

Balanced chemical equations for these four cases-
left parenthesis 1 right parenthesis space C a C O subscript 3 rightwards arrow with increment on top CaO space plus space CO subscript 2
left parenthesis 2 right parenthesis space FeSO subscript 4 rightwards arrow with increment on top stack FeO space plus thin space SO subscript 2 with blank on top space space plus SO subscript 3

left parenthesis 3 right parenthesis space AgNO subscript 3 plus space NaCl space rightwards arrow AgCl space plus space NaNO subscript 3

left parenthesis 4 right parenthesis space straight H subscript 2 plus space CuSO subscript 4 rightwards arrow 2 CuO space plus space 2 SO subscript 2 space plus space straight H subscript 2 straight O space plus space 1 half straight O subscript 2

Answered by Ravi | 15th Sep, 2020, 10:57: PM