Give a proof that stem conduct water.

Asked by dwivedi.minakshi1234 | 9th Aug, 2015, 04:13: PM

Expert Answer:

Aim: To show that stem helps in conduction of water.


  • Gently pull out a balsam plant or any other plant with white flowers from the soil.
  • Wash its roots properly and then cut the roots under water.
  • Dip the lower end of the cut stem in a bottle containing water to which few drops of an indicator dye such as eosin or red ink has been added.
  • Leave the plant undisturbed for few hours and then observe the plant carefully.

Observation: You will observe that the colour of the flowers changes from white to red.

Conclusion: This shows that the stem conducts water from the roots to different parts of the plant. It helps in transportation of water and mineral salts absorbed by the roots to different parts of the plant.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 10th Aug, 2015, 10:56: AM